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Is sales tax applicable?

My order has been returned!

I never received my order.

I haven’t received any confirmation of my order.

How do I know my credit card/personal information is secure?

Can I cancel or change my order?

Can I use my purchase as a tax deduction?

Do you offer gift wrapping?


When will I receive my order?

Do you ship internationally?


What’s your return policy?

How do I return an item?

How long does it take to process a refund?

What if there was an order error or I received a defective product?

Can I return a gift?


How long is your product warranty/guarantee?

How do I send my bracelet back for a warranty repair?

Do you cover wear and tear?

Gift Cards

Do you offer gift cards?

Sharing Stories

When will I see my story online?

Can I post anonymously?

Jewelry Care

How do I care for my Impact Charms™ jewelry?

Can I wear my bracelet in water?

About Impact Charms™

Are your jewelry materials non-toxic?

Is your jewelry cruelty free?

Charities and Impact

How much of my purchase goes to my charity?

Are your products cruelty free and sustainably made?